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Why Choose The KENAI Collection?

The KENAI Brand was named after the Kenai River in Alaska. This river is one of the CLEANEST rivers in the world making it a logical naming choice for our elite WATER TREATMENT COLLECTION.

The Right Solution

Gretna Plumbing is dedicated to improving the water around our community. The heath and safety for our neighbors are the top priority by providing Kenai Water Treatment Products.


Best System Features

Kenai offers the best features in the water treatment industry. Kenai acts as a second line of defense aginst all foreign pollutants in your homes water supply. 


Top System Benefits

Not only do all of our Kenai Water Treatment products provide clean & healthy water, all of the treatment products also extends the lifespan of all water-using appliances. 

Gretna Plumbings Mission

Water quality is an important issue of concern for many families across Nebraska. While our local municipal water treatment systems often catch and eliminate large pollutants and bacteria, processed water that is transported to your property often comes into contact with other contaminants such as sediment, silt, and other microorganisms along the way. Hard and contaminated water can cause extensive damage to your home’s water-based appliances or damage important equipment in your businesses. Fortunately, the Kenai Water Filtration systems from Gretna Plumbing make it easy for home owners to protect the purity of their water.

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Don’t take our word for it, read what others have to say!

Gretna Plumbing and Drain installed my water heater and water softener. John and team were completely professional, efficient and worked diligently to get a pretty decrepit old water heater out of my home and the new one installed along with a new water softener. I would highly recommend their services, and will call them again in the future if there is anything plumbing or drain related that I need.

S Hodge

“After building my new home in Aspen Creek, I realized that I needed to install a water softener system. After checking around for pricing, I chose to buy a softener and enlist the services of a qualified plumber to install. The work required running additional lines and I had neither the tools or expertise. Based on recommendations and getting some quotes, I selected Gretna Plumbing. Their expertise was spot on – they were able to run the necessary lines, install the system and get it running. They were also very helpful in providing instruction for use and how to replenish the mineral salt. They were prompt, professional and courteous. I never had issues with the system and it ran great!”

Dustin Zabokrtsky

“Met John of Gretna Plumbing while working at Gretna Ace Hardware and was impressed with him. So when I needed some plumbing work that’s who I called. They have repaired my water heater a couple of times.
Had them install a water softener system, laundry sink and outside faucet. Have always been satisfied and happy with the work done.”

Ken Gaughran